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How to Place your video on Craigslist!
Plus FreeVideo software!

First things first!
Thanks for allowing me to help your ad stand out on craigslist!

To start, go get yourself a FREE flickr account at as well as a youtube account.
Once these are set up, follow these stept-by-step instructions!

1. Take video of your items you wish to list on C-list>
2. Upload your video to youtube.
3. Take screen shot (ctrl+prt scr) uploaded video
4. Crop photo to make the image appear as if it is as embeded video.
5. Save the file as a .jpg and upload to Flickr.
6. In flickr, grab the embed code

UPDATE 07/08/08
I was made aware that my daughters doctor appointment was not a good enough reason to leave work. I was written up back in april because I left work. I recently brought in the explaination of bennefits to have the strike removed from my record.
NOPE, I was informed that my write up still stands. I wonder how many other WAG employees have been excused because their child had a doctors appt.??????
Remember when I said "Now I have a target on my back" in my first video????
I didn't mention that a few weeks ago I was given my final written warning for failure to commit to scheduled hours (not working all overtime hours). I was also handed another write-up from 3 months earlier, yes 3 MONTHS earlier to sign. In both instances I worked 30 minutes of overtime instead of 45 minutes.
I asked Scott Anthon directly to his face if it was normal for this to take so long, his answer was yes.
Again, remember the first vid where I said "Now I have a target on my back"????
While on vacation in Las Vegas this past week, I found something on my video recorder that made remember why I left work on the same day as my daughters doctors appt. Since the doctors appt. wasn't good enough, I hope the fact that my basement was flooded when I woke up from the previous nights rain will be good enough reason to excuse the partial and purge the strike against me. I sent an email to Scott Anthon with my new findings and a hope that he will understand why it was important for me to leave work on that given day.
I will keep you posted!

Another vid I want seen before the story becomes out of control.
People....... Please don't listen to what you hear someone say behind another persons back.

Here is a new vid. It shows me telling what I saw Thursday and Friday at Wag on L-8.
It really is interesting, the social mechanics of it all, To sit back and watch the Alpha control the pack.

There is a new vid in the inbox of current subscribers. Again, I thank my "subscribers Of Truth"
No better day to be seen than Good Friday IMO.

Walgreens spent almost 30 minutes at this site on friday.

The Lesson I Have Learned!

1 - To tell the truth is a risk!
(Wow, think about that for a bit..... Sort of Creepy eh?)
2 - Never report anything you have seen, even if it violates your moral standards!
3 - "No Sir/Ma'am, I didn't see a thing!"
is what I will say from this day forward at Walgreens !


If I could be so suggestive to the HR folks at Walgreens to be brave
enough to at least Download the following
free info on Depression offered by the U.S. Government.
See, there is help available for folks that are suffering from depression. I read and re-read the whole document and nowhere
did I find anything that stated that harassing a person was a valuable treatment!
Well, hopefully the Wag HR team can help me understand why this was seen as a
treatment Method for the team member terminated last Fri.



The above image is of you trying to get on my site via a proxy, the image doesn't show your attempt at 6:15
If you really want to see the vid, a proxy isn't the way to go about it
simply asking me at work will gain you a ticket!


This site was made to illustrate WHY I went to bat for Scott Thompson!
Scott was fired from Walgreens yesterday, Fri. March, 7th 2008!!

I intend on keeping up on a semi-regular basis with updates as to how
I have been treated since going to bat for what I TRUST was the right thing to do!

This is the first, in what I feel will be many, youtube vids that
will document the way I have been treated as a result of doing what

Don't worry about how I manage my time away from work!

Here is the vid that shows Randy Lewis and his commitment to folks with mental disorders
and other challenges.
Congrats to Randy and Wag for this BTW!

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